Francisco Souto: An Artist with a Voice

Rubric: Issues of Injustice Graphite Drawing

100 Points Total

  1. I have put a lot of thought into carefully choosing an image that I feel passionate about and that represents a current issue of Injustice in the world. 
  2. I have clearly articulated this issue through my pencil drawing.  I have used facial expression and detail to illustrated my issue.
  3. I have thoughtfully arranged my drawing by thinking about the shape of my drawing (using the paper as a shape or drawing a specific shape inside of my paper).  I have included a separate area of color somewhere in my drawing.  This color section can be directly inspired by Souto’s work or can be different.  
  4. I have shown strong craftsmanship (keep the paper clean, showing concise, well articulated shading).
  5. My shading is smooth and blended effectively while showing 3 or more values (dark, medium and light) in both the graphite areas and color areas.

Francisco Souto is a Venezuelan born artist.

Poetics of Recognition








“What About Us?”


“Sharing a Piece of Bread”


“Peace Please”


“Potable Water”


“Long Food Line”




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