Wheel Throwing Option

Wheel Throwing Rules:

  1.  You need to follow the cleaning instructions and commit to staying 5 to 10 minutes after class in order to clean up.  You should take the entire class time to be on the wheel.
  2. Please follow carefully the instructions for securing clay to the wheel head in order to reduce the chances of the clay coming off.
  3. Please show mature, focused behavior at all times.  Choose to use the wheel and all materials appropriately.  Any behavior that is not within the assignment or appropriate use of clay, wheel or materials will result in your discontinuation from the wheel throwing elective.
  4. Please understand that wheel throwing takes muscle memory.  It is a ‘try, try, try again’ approach.  You may or may not make something that can be fired.  The focus should be on learning the skills, not on making something.

Please watch these videos and answer the following questions:


Basic Concepts of Centering

  1. What shape do you put your clay into before putting it on the wheel head?  Where do you put it on the wheel head?  How do you get it to really stick to the wheel head?
  2. What are the three s’s?
  3. What speed should your wheel be at when you are centering the clay?
  4. Which is better, having only a little water on your hands or having enough water on your hands so it feels slippery?
  5. Describe how you should support your arms and hands when centering clay?
  6. What does it mean to ‘center’ the clay?


How to throw a Cylinder with Sheridan Ray

Additional Pulling Video

  1. What shape do you want your clay to be in before you begin to open it?
  2. which direction do you pull towards when opening your clay?
  3. How far should you pull your clay open?
  4. Why would you need to compress the bottom of the clay?
  5. What is a knuckle pull?

*Please note there are several types of ‘pulls’ that you will learn.  I usually pull with my fingers.  You will see different pulls in these above videos.

All videos need to be watched, all questions answered with neat hand writing and your name and checked by me before you can begin on the wheel.


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