Making Your Clay Mask


  1.  There is evidence that I utilized Historical research and stylistic influences from either African style masks or Venetian style masks.
  2. I have created a very well drawn idea of my mask and I am using this as a reference while building my mask out of clay.
  3. I am working in layers and utilizing additive and subtractive sculptural techniques.
  4. My mask is detailed, well crafted and shows strong expressionistic details such as well crafted facial features and design elements made out of clay.
  5. My mask expresses a specific identity such as a specific character from a book, a self portrait, or made up/mythical character inspired by my interests or research.



1. Roll out a clay slab.

2. Create your mold. If using the face mold, use this mold initially for the impression and then create a paper mold for under your mask.  DO NOT KEEP THE PLASTIC FACE MOLD UNDER YOUR MASK.  I have 4, they are meant to be shared.

3. Cut out neatly any shapes you want removed from your mask.

4. Have your clay references out while you work.

5. Smooth and refine the surface of your mask.  We will finish with acrylic paint.

Clean Up:

1. Take a plastic bag open it up full and then rip in down the middle making more of plastic sheet. Wrap your mask, keeping the paper support under entirely like a present. Place your mask on a board and store under one of the art room tables.

2. Put spare clay in one of the clay bags.

3. Put away all clay tools where they belong.

4. Clean your table area with a wet paper towel.



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