Zentangle Assignment


  1. Pick a shape for your Zentangle based off of the following ideas in the post called, “Zentangle Inspiration”.  Use a reference that is a photo real reference (unless you are doing a Manadala or a tile).  Think carefully about your choice of shape.  Will your Zentangle be creative, unique and interesting?  What are you expressing?
  2. Next, sketch your Zentangle idea onto final paper.  You can begin designing what goes into your shapes using multiple resources and images.
  3. As you create your Zentangle using a sharpie, think about the following:

    Finding a balance between repetition and variety.

    Maintain exquisite craftsmanship.

    Create a design that could be-beautiful, elegant, weird, thought provoking, dynamic, shocking, intricate, bold, dramatic, bizarre, peaceful or any combo of these characteristics.

    Balance white with black.  Think about thick and then lines, while shapes against black, black shapes against white ect.





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